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Mesotherapy is a process that can be done during the summer months. The effect of solar radiation and dehydration facial afflicting the skin. Mesotherapy Facial designed to hydrate the skin, namely the improvement of the texture. Therefore, the skin looks firmer, radiant and smooth. It is a process that has existed for many years. In recent years, new materials have been added, increasing our capabilities and optimizing the result. Especially with the development of hyaluronic was a really great progress. Hyaluronic, used in mesotherapy are moisturizing hyaluronic (hyaluronate and not filling, which is used to "fill" wrinkles) that adds volume, but diffuses in skin, absorbs water and thus hydrate.

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Injecting hydration

Efficacy mesotherapy with hyaluronic hydration depends on the type of hyaluronic and the quantity. Generally, hyaluronic means more and better outcome, ie more hydration. The only drawback is that the very thick hyaluronic takes a few days to "settle down." This problem is now limited to microinjection new techniques used by a surgeon. There are now specifically hyaluronate, which is not readily metabolized, for "it, and have a longer duration and efficacy. In "this case we talk about injecting hydration.Injecting hydration about mesotherapy technique, but differs from other mesotherapy because it simply makes a temporary hydration, but a "building" of the person. The skin by this method is enhanced, it is more durable and longer lasting. Hyaluronic, remaining in the skin for longer intervals, it functions as a stimulator. Therefore it helps the body to produce and own collagen, which further enhances this improvement. In addition to basic functions, the hydration and strengthening of the person, one using this method to improve and other problems of the face, such as discoloration, the freckles, or combine it with treatments that help in correcting and preventing relaxation.

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Right conditions of mesotherapy Choosing the right mesotherapy is very important and proper implementation. Mesotherapy is not an easy task and the use of the method must be done by specialists. The wrong choice of materials combined with the incorrect application have made many people being frustrated by a process that otherwise would have offered them very good results. The specialist doctor is aware of the different materials, making the right choice and know how to properly apply the technique providing very good results, no other process cannot give.

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The doctor must carefully control the muscle shape of your face. If the type of your muscle tone is orthokinitikos (absolute synchronization emotions and mimetic expressions) are ideal candidate for Botox, since the effect can last up to nine months, and the treatment is necessary once a year. The hyperactive type of muscular structure (no synchronization between the muscle contractions and emotion expression) not retain the result of over six months, so applications must be 2 or 3 times a year. Finally, the hypertonic formula (totally absent synchronization and control), the result is disappointing: Wrinkles do not disappear completely, the muscle contraction is blocked only for 1 or 2 months and require 4-5 applications every year. The goal is to transform muscle tone hyperactive and eventually to motor type. The botox generally not contraindicated for any!

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The sophisticated dermatological laser have selective action and energetic cooling mechanisms in order to protect the skin and to ensure maximum effectiveness. The method of Laser hair removal is the only approved for permanent reduction of unwanted hair from the FDA America applied painlessly, safely, easily and quickly both to small areas of the face and in large areas of the body.

Unwanted hair growth is a matter of great concern to women, especially women in the Mediterranean, which show more severe problem. This is due to hereditary factors and the high incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome. The male hair removal has been a great demand in recent years. Modern standards of beauty they find excessive body hair unsightly for both women and men. Men now are more concerned with their image and one of the things that concern them are hairy.

The laser hair removal has brought a new era in the treatment of unwanted hair and greeted with enthusiastic women and men because it is painless, fast and gives you a definitive solution to the problem. A harmless beam of sophisticated LASER Alexandrite candela 755 nm, is absorbed selectively by signs showing a very high concentration of melanin, which melanin of hair follicle while the energetic cold protection mechanisms leaving the skin intact even in the Mediterranean type skins.

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