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Michael Ath.Giannakoulakos MD, MSc
Managing Director
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Serving the most valuable asset of Health, we founded in Glyfada THE MEDICAL CENTER MEDIONE. With highly trained, professional staff with ultra-modern medical technological equipment, we have created for you, one of the most modern and reliable medical centers.

The main element of our philosophy, the case by case (tailor made) approach of each patient and his family, for providing high quality medical services from the most qualified personnel, in an above standards/expectations organized and friendly environment.

Main vision of its creators was the Medical Center MediOne to become a standard therapeutic and diagnostic center with direct reference to man and life and backbone perception that the provision of high quality health services is not a luxury but a human need and privilege of every patient.

We reckon the fact that private health is not a privilege for the few but a privilege of may and for this reason we have created the right conditions to ensure access to those who want it.

Our mission and commitment in every aspect of our operation, is strict adherence to the Hippocratic Oath.

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