Dynamic Heart Spectroscopy (Stress Echo) a non-invasive, irradiation method with a particularly high diagnostic value.

Stress Echo is the most popular test, providing important information, predictive and diagnostic, for people who are fed up with fatigue. It is a safe and well-established technique, in the assessment of patients, with suspicion or known coronary disease. The whole process utilizes ultrasounds to control cardiac function in both charging and fatigue conditions.

This is an examination which, according to the latest guidelines of the European Heart Association, is as reliable as myocardial scintigraphy, but it avoids irradiation. It is one of the most important cardiac examinations for women and men of all ages because it provides:




  • Early diagnosis of coronary heart disease.
  • Analytical information for patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension.
  • Full control of myocardial viability.

    Integrated pre-operative control of patients to be subjected to various surgeries.