What is an electromyogram?

Electromyography is a very important tool for the study and diagnosis of various diseases of the peripheral nervous and muscular system. It is a method of diagnosing nervous and muscular disorders. It is done only by a neurologist and is individualized for each patient and according to the symptoms. The duration of the test is about 45 minutes.

It consists of two phases:

A. The control of nerve conduction velocities (neurophysiological control).

The nerve conduction study uses surface electrodes.

B. The control of muscle function (myogram).



Electromyogram-controlled symptoms include:

  • Tingling
  • Burn
  • Numbness
  • Muscular weakness
  • Muscle pain or cramps
  • Pain in the limbs or waist

What diseases does the examination concern:

  • Muscular diseases, such as muscular dystrophy or polymyositis.
  • Diseases that affect the connection between the nerve and the muscle, such as myasthenia gravis.
  • Disorders of nerves outside the central nervous system (peripheral nervous system) such as carpal tunnel syndrome or peripheral neuropathies.
  • Disorders affecting motor neurons in the brain or spinal cord (central nervous system), such as motor neurone disease or polio.
  • Disorders affecting the nerve root, such as disc herniation in the spine, usually in the neck or waist.

What is the proper preparation of the patient for the examination?

You do not need much preparation for the exam, however you can follow some general rules to be more comfortable. Be sure to wear clothes that do not tighten and before leaving the house, do not put cream. If you are wearing a pacemaker or have a condition that affects blood clotting, you should tell your doctor.

Can there be complications from the test?

The electromyogram is generally safe and without complications. Even during pregnancy, the test can be performed safely if needed.

In the MediOne group the examination is performed by a specialized neurologist in our unit in Salamina. For more information and appointments call

210 46 400 40 from 6am to 10pm.