MediOne MEDICAL CENTER is equipped with the 16-section General Electric Multi-Tomographic Tomography Machine "LightSpeed".

One of the major advantages of the new machine is that it performs from the simplest and most specialized examinations and reduces the dose of radiation received by the examiner without affecting the quality of the imaging.

CT scan depicts all parts of the body and it is possible to diagnose illnesses or injuries to give some medical, surgical or radiotherapy treatment.

The cuts of the machine can be as thin as 1mm or less, ensuring high quality and reduced radiation dose, a combination that is greater diagnostic accuracy.

Images can be attributed to two-dimensional, three-dimensional images without further exposure of the patient to radiation. Provides fast display and better resolution!

The CT scan uses X-rays to capture images and the examinations performed are for diagnostic purposes such as stroke, aneurysm, cancer, appendicitis, abdominal pain, fracture, etc.

There is the possibility of reducing the dose of radiation in areas such as the eyes, the thyroid gland, the breast or genital system.



  • Let us know if pregnancy occurs.
  • Tell us about the exam you have to do because it may require some preparation, such as a few hours' fasting.
  • Tell us about any allergies, kidney problems, or if you are taking a diabetes treatment because you need special instructions.

Avoid jewelry and clothing with zippers or metal buttons, you may need to remove them during the examination.