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The permanent elimination of unwanted hair from the face and body, is looking for both women and men nowadays. Now comes true with the help of modern technology.

The Alexandrite laser is the best there is to treat unwanted hair in all body areas. Ideal for dark hair on white skin, it is also used in dark-skinned skins at a low volume, and has excellent results even in lighter skin and hair. It is a quick and painless method as the laser head incorporating a cold air blower, or cryogenic system.


The laser light is absorbed by the melanin of follicles, where the temperature rises, damaging their pockets. Hairs weaken, thin and eventually disappear. As the laser light is selectively absorbed by the hair, the skin surrounding structures remain intact.

In the body such as hands, feet, bikini, few sessions are sufficient for complete elimination of hairs. In hormone-dependent areas like the face, chest and abdomen, more sessions are required. In sensitive areas recommended topical application of anesthetic cream prior to treatment and then placed cold compresses and soothing cream. The sessions should be held within forty days, and within this time starts the regrowth of hair. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The use of qualified medical staff is extremely effective and completely safe and is the most modern and effective method to rid somebody of unwanted hair growth on face and body, regardless of gender.